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How much mulch to buy for landscaping:

  1. Measure your area to be covered and calculate the square footage.
    (Width, in feet, multiplied by length, in feet = Total Square Footage)

  2. Decide on the depth of mulch that you wish to spread. Two inches will give your beds a clean, dressed appearance while conserving moisture. Four inches will keep your gardens looking tidy longer and help to suppress weed growth.

  3. Refer to the chart to determine the number of bags needed:
Desired Depth
2 Cu. Ft. Bag
3 Cu. Ft. Bag
2" Depth
12 Square Feet
18 Square Feet
4" Depth
6 Square Feet
9 Square Feet
Consult your local Jolly Gardener vendor for availability of products in your region.

Chart represents an estimate only, quantities may vary based on application technique.