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Mulching Tips - 6 tips for a more beautiful garden
  1. Mulch around trees -- extend mulch several feet from trunk
    • improves appearance
    • protects trees from mower and trimmer damage
    • protects roots from erosion and compacting soil
    • makes mowing and lawn care easier

  2. Mulch around shrubs -- cover all bare soil
    • inhibits weeds
    • conserves water
    • creates professional looking landscape

  3. Create decorative mulch borders for
    • walkways
    • decks & patios
    • swimming pools

  4. Mulch in spring
    • helps establish seedlings
    • protects perennials & bulbs

  5. Mulch in summer -- cover all bare soil from 2" to 4"
    • inhibits weeds
    • retains moisture
    • keeps roots cool

  6. Mulch in late fall -- 2" to 4" after first hard frost
    • protects roots from frost heaves
    • prevents plant loss from winter and early spring thaws & freezes
    • keeps plant dormant
    • prevents premature opening of buds